Thunder og Mink i Praha  -  Foto: Geir Zahl
Thunder og Mink i Praha - Foto: Geir Zahl

Video recording in Prague!

8 May, 2023

Kaizer's Orchestra is recording film! Together!

- I got a plane ticket in the post, says Geir Kaizer

- To Prague, so I brought a large suitcase and thought that now there will be beer spas, crystal shopping and a Kafka atmosphere for three days to the end, but then we were driven out into the Czech countryside to an old disused industrial area, dressed up and sat in front of a camera!

- What were you filmed for?

- To be completely honest, it mostly felt as if we were set to  live out someone's bizarre dream.

- Who then, so what do you mean... "someone"?

- We never saw him, but you can see him in the film.

- Could it be... Yes, very... Mr. Ka...

- Quiet.  No more questions.

- But the song you play there, can you confirm that it is the same one you got on that music box earlier?

- I can. But I have to go now.

- "Your old days are now"?

- Good bye!

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