Greatest hits
Greatest hits

Kaizers release Greatest Hits on vinyl!

8 May, 2023

On Friday 25 November, Kaizers Orchestra will release an official Greatest Hits collection, to the delight and discovery of old and new fans. The vinyl version can be pre-ordered from today at 11:11!

"Alt me four ner in the shaft of gold and green emerald"

The line from "Prayer from Hell" from 2001 really sums up the Kaizer Orchestra's catalog quite well: here's a lot of gold and one emerald!

While "Hjerteknuser" is for some their first encounter with Kaizer's Orchestra, that song is only part of a powerful catalog for others. Kaizers released eight studio albums between 2001 - 2012, and now the essence of that production comes out in a collection. The best from 11 years of Kaizer rock, according to the band themselves.

The record company sells a signed version. Go HERE to order a copy!

- Why a Greatest Hits? You have actually protected that concept before?

- Yes, it is true that we have not liked to mix material from different albums together on record, as we did live. But the world has changed since then, and so have we. Now we see that the need is there for a slightly compressed version of our catalogue, says frontman Janove Kaizer.

- Many new people have come to Kaizers lately?

- Yes, after "Hjerteknuser" was discovered by over 300,000 new young people via TikTok this autumn, we would like to offer the next series of Kaizer songs. As we can see, this Greatest Hits collection is a great choice if you want to sit down into the other, best and most relevant songs of Kaizer's Orchestra.The "Heartbreakers" stand on their shoulders!

All stores that sell vinyl will carry Kaizer's Orchestra "Greatest Hits". It only exists in one version.


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