Terje Kaizer
Terje Kaizer

Kaizers enters into a partnership with Fretex

5 May, 2023

Kaizers donate new, old, merch to Fretex

- We changed warehouses some time ago, the Brenneriveien in Oslo is being demolished and renovated and thus all our equipment had to be moved. It was in that process that we discovered these old t-shirts, says Terje Kaizer.

- Instead of going the route of recycling, we just take the shortcut to reuse instead. In this way, the t-shirts can get a new lease of life in people's wardrobes, rather than weathering in our warehouse or tying up a lot of resources in a recycling process.

- Used clothes are in the air like never before, and especially official rock merch, right?

-"Pre-loved", isn't that what you say when you resell clothes like that? In any case, the income goes to a good cause and we live better with this solution than any other. Always nice to contribute something good. Fretex was enthusiastic about the idea.

- Have you yourselves been frequent users of Fretex in your time?

- We started our career in Fretex clothing, you know. Throughout the Ompa to du Tour we used good, old, warm, Fretex wool suits, so now we thought we could give something back for all the sweat they helped us get rid of! We ourselves think that there is something special about these t-shirts and now we just hope that they find their match out there.

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